“Troyandy”- the premiere of Tina Karol’s song about deep feelings that reflect the social drama of today.

“With the song “Troyandy,” I wanted to fill the emptiness in the hearts of millions of people so that silence finally found a soundtrack and a voice. Only those with whom it is possible to be silent, as if being “on the same wavelength,” have become important.

“Troyandy” is a song about the moment when something inside breaks into two parts: betrayal and truth, the past and the future,” says the singer ,music writer and producer Tina Karol.

Tina wrote a meaningful song about complex internal experiences using simple words, only using an acoustic guitar, string orchestra, and percussion. The inspiration was moments of similar feelings and experiences during anxious mornings in Ukraine.

The lyrics were written by Andriy Bezkrovnyi: “I was lucky to touch the miracle, some mystical mixture that gives birth to new and new works that find a response in your caring hearts.

Working in tandem with Tina, who inspires, encourages, compels with her essence, her talent, to move towards new creative achievements – for me, this is an experience, responsibility, and a window of endless creative possibilities.


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