“Sterva”(Bitch) – a new song by Tina Karol and SHUMEI

The song “Sterva“(Bitch) is a story about passionate love, without which strong and lasting relationships are impossible. Insults, jealousy, and scandals are just obstacles on the path to strong, sincere, and true love.

“Working with Tina was a pleasure. Tina is a person who captivates you from the first meeting. She can be described in many words, but her main quality that impressed me is her simplicity and humanity, which unfortunately not everyone possesses,” says SHUMEI.

SHUMEI Tina Karol

The song “Sterva“(Bitch) was written by Tina Karol. To embody the content, Tina was looking for a partner for a duet, and the best voice turned out to be SHUMEI’s voice.

“SHUMEI is the most promising artist of the new generation in Ukraine. His unique timbre cannot be confused with any other voic e in the world. The raspiness and masculinity of his vocals gave this composition a cool meaning. I am very satisfied with this collaboration,” says Tina Karol.

The shooting of the music video for the song “Bitch” took place at Lviv Railway Station. The story of passionate love was brought to life by the most popular Ukrainian bloggers and actors Bogdan Sheludyak and Yulia Svizhinska.

Tina Karol and SHUMEI Tina Karol and SHUMEI

“It is an honor for me to create a music video for Tina Karol for the third time. The cinematic parallel between the singers and actors was created to delve into the content and character of this duet,” says the director of the video Nata Kurgan, who previously created such video works for Tina Karol as “Not Saints” and “Troyandy.”

Along with the premiere of the song “Bitch,” Tina Karol released a new album “Troyandy,” which includes previously released hits and new songs.


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